The opening of an 18 hole course means that we can make our weekly competitions ‘Qualifying’.

The course has been given provisional Slope and Course ratings, which allows this to be done.

Handicaps will be adjusted following each competition in accordance with the EGA formula.

This will done automatically by the Handicap Software.


The new Slope rating has classified the current layout as easier than before.  

It is our opinion (and also that of Pascual, The Professional) that this is not the case and as a result we have decided that

we will apply the slope in all Qualifying Games. Therefore, all Medal and Stableford games will be Qualifying and utilise the Slope.

 Unfortunately this will have virtually no effect on male players

with handicaps below about 18 shots and Ladies below about 15 shots.


As you know, the course is still not in its final layout as the 15th hole, ‘Los Ficus’, is still not open.

When it is, hole 9, ‘El Largo’ will revert to a single par 5 and the course will then be in its final layout.  

When this happens, there may be a change to the Slope.  

The committee will review the use of the slope again if and when this happens.


Compliance with the Rules of Golf.


It has been brought to the attention of the Committee that a small number of players regularly

breach the rules of golf.

Regular infringements of the rules will result in a player being banned from competitions for a

period of time, as decided by the Committee.  


However, in serious cases the player’s society membership may be revoked.


Examples of the observed breaches are as follows:


When moving a ball under the ‘Preferred Lies’ rule;


1. Some players incorrectly replace their ball at a place nearer the

2. hole than it previously lay.

The local rule allowing the use of ‘Preferred Lies’ clearly states that a ball

 must be replaced to a place not nearer the hole than where it previously lay.


2. Some players fail to correctly ‘Lift, Clean & Replace their ball.

Whenever a ball is lifted, its position on the course must be marked In Accordance with the Rules of Golf.

Practices such a kicking, rolling or otherwise moving the ball incur a 1 shot penalty.


Marking the ball on the putting green.


When a ball is marked and lifted on the putting green, it should be

marked by placing a suitable marker immediately behind the place

where the ball lay.  When the ball is replaced, it should be placed at

 the spot on which it previously lay.  

If the ball moves when replaced, it must be returned to the spot from

which it moved.

Playing the ball from any other place than that where it previously lay

incurs a general penalty (2 shots) for playing a shot from the ‘wrong

place’.  However, this practice could be considered as a ‘Serious

 Breach’ of the rules, resulting in disqualification.


Identifying a ball.


If a player cannot readily identify their ball, it may be moved for identification purposes.  

The amount of movement allowed is only sufficient to make the identification.

The procedure for lifting a ball for identification purposes is described in item 2 above.

If a ball is lifted for identification in the ‘general area’ or in a bunker it must be replaced

in a position, which as closely as possible, recreates the conditions of its position before being moved.


The above rules are the most commonly infringed and members are requested to

bring such infringements to the attention of the player concerned.  

If this is not possible, please report infringements to the Committee.

Anonymous reports will not be accepted.