La Marquesa Golf Course Status, 8 Nov 19


Pascual has advised us that the work being carried out on the course was delayed by about 10 days due to the rain at the end of October.  However, the course has dried out enough for work to recommence.


The flooding on the 6th hole is something new that was not present before the Gota Fria.  It has been decided to install a pump and a series of drainage pipes to attempt to get rid of the water.  The pump will be activated whenever the water level rises. Hopefully installation of the pump will allow the work on the hole to be completed


The new par 4 hole that is under construction where the old 12th hole was located will be ready to use in approximately 2 weeks.  At that time the old 11th (par 3) will be no longer in play.


When the work being carried out on the old 8th hole is completed, it is intended to start using it as soon as possible.  However, to protect the fairway grass, it may be necessary to temporarily make the hole a Par 3.  A possible alternative will be to leave it as a par 4, but make it compulsory for players to use a tee for shots on the fairway.  A final decision will be made at the time.


A new green is under construction on the 1st hole, which will be larger and more difficult that the old one.


There will a briefing on the progress of the repairs on the first Wednesday of each month.