Eurogolf Society Local Rules

Players should ensure that they are familiar with the current Rules of Golf (Players Edition) issued January 2019.

The Local Rules issued by La Marquesa Golf Club management apply in all Eurogolf Competitions.  A copy of the local rules is available from the Caddy Master

The extra Local Rules below are for use during Eurogolf Society Competitions only.

Hole 18. If the Cart Path at the right side of the 18th hole, between the 200m distance post and the green, interferes with a players stance or area of intended swing,

or a ball comes to rest on the path, relief may be taken on either side of the path, regardless of which is the nearest point of relief.


GRAVEL OR STONE COVERED SURFACES. If a ball comes to rest on any gravel-covered or stone-covered surface ‘through the green’,

relief under rule 16 is permitted.

PERMANENTLY ELEVATED CABLES. If a ball strikes a permanently elevated cable or power line the stroke must be cancelled and replayed without penalty.

If the ball is not immediately recoverable, a substitute ball may be played.